When you have no job, girlfriend or friends.

2 years ago shit hit the fan.

I had been dating someone for about 3 years who at times I thought I would eventually marry. We were young and in love, the most exciting and fulfilling relationship I had ever had at the time.

Over time though, we spent all our time together and everything else in our lives suffered. I lost touch with friends. We quit going out and doing spontaneous activities. We never traveled.

It became stale and unhealthy, we started to resent each other, so we broke up.


There is over 1 billion Twitter accounts that have been created, most of them have been abandoned.

206 million are actually active, the majority of these are people who rarely or never post, they only follow others. Of the 10–20 million accounts that do post content, almost all of them have less than 100 followers.

There are just a few thousand people (maybe even just hundreds) who control the narrative of Twitter, everyone else is just following along.

Twitter is designed for everyone to share their opinion and have a democracy of diverse viewpoints. …

Are you 28 and living at home?

Your goal should be to move out as soon as possible. Even if this means a drastic change in lifestyle and standard of living. I think parents should ween their children off of financial support. Cutting them off completely can often lead to resentment and larger issues. I would suggest by starting to have the child take over certain expense categories. Start with discretionary expenses, then everyday necessities like groceries and gas. Then get to more major expenses such as rent and insurance. The key is to start with small expenses that occur…

The truth about what it takes to become a profitable writer.

I’ve been writing only consistently for about 4 years. In that time I’ve delved into a few different areas, each related to my background where I felt that I had some knowledge and experience to offer the world. For the first couple years I made virtually no money, which to be fair I really wasn’t even trying. At the beginning I hadn’t monetized my blog or attempted to sell books or newsletters, even once I started to I made virtually no effort to promote or push sales and revenue.

Beautiful sunsets, walks on the beach, driving around at night listening to my favorite song, those things make me happy.

Building a career, reaching my goals, learning new skills, that makes me happy also.

There are a lot of things that make me happy that cost little or no money.

There is only one thing that has kept me up at night or put a knot in my stomach.

There has only been one situation in my life that has made me so angry that I became physically ill for months. This problem was money.

I’m a fairly even keel…

We are all aware of the fact that daily exercise will make us healthier. Nobody is really debating this, we all believe it’s effective. Even of the ones of us who believe daily exercise is important, very few of us partake.

We understand that we could make the time for it if it were a priority. We understand that it should be a priority and that a small amount of time each day would pay off great dividends both now and for the rest of our lives.

This isn’t because of discipline, it’s because of buy-in.

If we fully embrace…

We undersell ourselves. Our natural inclination is to get nervous when asked to explain our own skills and value. We also chronically undercharge our clients. We tend to offer a…

Tell them what you are thinking, they will listen. They may not agree, but they will listen.

I don’t know why, but we are drawn to strong predictions. I believe that when someone makes a prediction it gives us a feeling of comfort and certainty, even if it’s false. When someone tells what they think will happen, it quantifies something that is unknown and we can start to prepare for it.

It also gameify’s the world. We now have a statement that will either be right or wrong and create a winner or loser. Humans love this.

Start making some…

It takes just a few minutes to read and edit a post to improve it, it can take hours to write one from scratch.

New strategies or ideas can be…

There is a formula to writing. You start with your main point, then give a reason or logic to show that your argument is valid, then provide evidence and examples supporting your logic.

If you don’t start with your main point, people likely won’t keep reading until they find it. This is why books have titles that indicate what the story is about.

Look I just did it, I gave you an argument, reason and evidence in four sentences.

Practice this concept when you communicate with clients and everyone. The main topic of an email should be in a subject…

David Perutz

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